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Our Amazon FBA Inventory Management Software

If you are searching for the best inventory management software for Amazon, you found it! Our FBA restocking tool is not like other restocking software that has so many features you don’t need, making it complicated to use and more expensive. Rather, our Amazon inventory management software has just what you need, so it is extremely user-friendly and very affordable.

Who Would Benefit Most From Using Our Amazon Inventory Software?

Those Who Haven’t Systemized Restocking

Maybe you are a new start-up who hasn’t yet considered using restocking software. This means you have to compare data manually, which may be fine at the start, but as your business grows, you will eventually need to transform to an automated system like ours to help keep your inventory well-stocked. It’s better to take advantage of this software now because once your business takes off, you may not have the time to get comfortable using new software.

Amazon Sellers Who Use Spreadsheets

If you are an Amazon seller who depends on spreadsheets to keep track of your inventory, you probably already know how time-consuming and inaccurate this can be. Why do the extra work when our software can track your inventory for you and do so much more to make things easier? Let's face it, spreadsheets (Google Sheets, etc.) are very easy, quick to customize and you have all the data at your fingertips. The only problem is, at some point it can become unruly not to mention repetitive.

FBA Sellers Using Another Restock Program

We invite sellers who are using another restock software, to take advantage of our 30-day free trial so you can compare our software with yours and see a big difference. Other Amazon restocking software is usually expensive because of the many added features that users probably won’t ever use and don’t need. Not to mention the more features a program has, the more complex it will be. Our Amazon software is simple, affordable, and all you will ever need to track your inventory.

Plans We Have Available

Legacy Seller is currently offering a variety of plans at the following prices:

Free Trial Plan

Unlimited SKU's

$ 0 / month

Unlimited SKU's are included in your no credit-card required Free Trial Plan.

SKU Starter Plan

100 SKU's

$ 9 / month

You decide which 100 SKU's are included in your SKU Starter Plan.

SKU Expansion Plan

300 SKU's

$ 19 / month

You decide which 300 SKU's are included in your SKU Expansion Plan

Professional Plan

700 SKU's

$ 39 / month

You decide which 700 SKU's are included in your Professional Plan

Elite Business Plan

You decide which 1,000 SKU's are included in your Elite Business Plan

$ 49

per month

1,000 SKU's

Pro Business Plan

You decide which 3,000 SKU's are included in your Pro Business Plan

$ 99

per month

3,000 SKU's

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